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Super Fun Night

Never in my life have I seen BobbiO's COLOSSAL pizzas devoured that fast! In case you've never ordered one yourself, they are so big they have to be ordered in-store only because they can't fit into a car for delivery. We usually order two and have a hard time finishing them both. But last night we ordered THREE and had no trouble finishing them off AT ALL! Very cool to see how many people came out, and so awesome to see all the smiles and laughs.

God is so amazing to bring all these young people together. Each one is so talented, so special, so fearfully and wonderfully made, so full of hope and promise. It is a blessing to know each one and a blessing to enjoy times like these together. I imagine God's overflowing joy when He gathers us into His Heavenly kingdom. There at that first banquet feast together, He will look at each one of us - His special creations - with such pride. I imagine He will be so excited to witness our happiness in being together with Him. The universe will beat with one pulse of love and unity. I cannot wait to experience that "happy ever after" with all of you and with God.

Next week we are back at the church! Can't wait to get back into the Word of God together in Bible study!


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