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Sticky Situation

When everyone arrived they were met with a duct tape demand on their life. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the gusto in which the youth accepted having their lower legs taped together. There was a whole lot of hoppin' goin' on, and for the most part it was happy hoppin'. Harley won the all around prize for duct tape enthusiasm. She wrapped herself practically head to toe!

The make-your-own pizza was amazing as always. Then we made our way down to the legendary wall of stickiness. Juliet was willing to be the victim and the team went to work with roll after roll of duct tape, securing Juliet about three feet off the ground, and securely against the wall. She had to stay there 60 seconds once we pulled the chair she was standing on out from under her. And though it was close, and the tape was slowly peeling off, she made it! Good work team!

Our Bible study was on learning to develop a constant prayer life. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says that it is the will of God for us to stay connected consistently in prayer. Philippians 4:6 says we can bring anything that worries us to God and His peace will guard our hearts and minds. Jesus taught that prayer keeps us from temptation (Matthew 26:41; Luke 11:4). It helps us stay out of sticky situations and sets us on a path of greater freedom in this life (kind of like when we took off all that tape that was wrapping everyone up a little too tightly.) Jesus also taught us to pray even for our enemies (Luke 18:1). Prayer doesn't just set us free, but it can help us be more mindful of Jesus' mission for us to help set others free also!

Thank you all for a super fun night! Looking forward to bowling this week!


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