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Human Hungry Hippo

Get back out there and get more! It's so much fun to watch the teams shove their designated teammate (a.k.a. "The Human Hippo") back out into the middle of the room to grab as many colored balls into their buckets and bring them back to the safety of their side. Misael, Noah and Silas came away victorious not once, but twice!

After all the commotion we finally settled down to a Bible study in Matthew 13, where Jesus tells the parable about a farmer sowing seeds. Some of the seeds he scattered fell on the path and birds came and ate them. Others fell on rocky places with little soil. The seeds sprang up but quickly withered because they were scorched by the sun. Some seeds fell by the thorns and were choked by them. But some seeds fell on fertile soil where they grew and produced an amazing abundance - even up to 100 times as much as was sown!

Jesus later in the chapter explains what this all means. The seed is God's good words about His kingdom. Yes, God wants us to receive those good words into our lives! We focused on that for the first part of the study but suddenly one of the students in particular (way to go, David!) brought us to the most important point Jesus was making: He wants His Word in our lives to make such deep roots that we are compelled to get out there and sow the seeds ourselves! How hungry can we become to get out there and bring as many people safely back with us to Jesus' side?

Thank you to Paula Wood, Kathy Katzenbach, Joyce Mitchell, and Laura Sohn for making us such a delicious meal with bread bowl soup (including cheddar broccoli, cheddar potato, minestrone, and tomato pasta soups) along with fresh made caramel apples for dessert!

It sure is fun getting together for the sake of God's kingdom! Eating well, playing hard, and feasting on His Word! Let's do it again next week!


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