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Here's Your Chance

Last night was the greatest slam dunk competition of all time. Well, it sure felt like it to this Pastor who was watching some pretty awesome young people soar through the air and attempt the impossible. Sure, there was a broken light bulb, a few misses, and a flimsy basketball hoop, but totally worth it!

Special thank you to Mr. Brett Wilson who didn't mind serving as a prop to jump over, and repeated thank you's to Kathy Katzenbach, Joyce Mitchell, and Paula Wood (in alphabetical order) for serving us the awesome array of veggie burgers and endless tater tots!

When the big stage lights finally faded, we opened up our hearts to the real star of the show and that is Jesus and His powerful Word. We looked at "The Great Commission" in Matthew 28:19-20 which is His call for us all to be ready to be a witness to anyone and everyone in this world. But don't we often feel like we're on a big stage and completely nervous to try do this awesome thing that often feels like it's doing the impossible? How do we do it?

1 Peter 3:15 gives us a clue to live in a way that people want to ask us the reason for the hope that is in us. We talked about the power of our personal testimony and be ready to summarize for folks what our life was like before we knew God and how it has changed since we've gotten to know Him better. We talked about inviting friends to do things with us in a more Godly setting like inviting them to youth group or other fun church functions. Last but not least, we looked at the definition of "Holy Boldness" in the Bible. We saw the disciples prayed for boldness in Acts 4 and the Holy Spirit fell upon them in such a way they started speaking boldly to others about Jesus. We prayed that God would help us work Him into our conversations more often, starting even this week.

Jesus is coming. The stage is set. The lights are on. Are we ready to soar in our witnessing? We might be surprised what we can do for God if we give Him the chance!


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