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Fun Times with Friends

The past few weeks have been really fun. We had a Super Bowl party, open gym night, and last night was the ESCAPE ROOM! Why all the fun? The past couple of weeks we began our "Archaeology and the Bible" outreach series at the Medford Church which has taken extra planning meetings and time. However, it's ok to have some fun together sometimes too, isn't it?!

Thank you all for loving to be together and have some good fun. After all, on the front page of the website it says, "Fun Making Forever Friends." That may sound cheesy/corny/make-funable. But isn't it also true? Having good clean fun with people who are planning to live together forever in Heaven is a fun that you never have to feel guilty about. It's a fun that lasts and makes you feel good always. You guys are that kind of fun for this youth pastor, and from watching you do all these things together, it seems it really is that kind of fun for you guys/girls too.

Next week we're back to our regular schedule at the church. We're going to have a huge feast, play some crazy game, and have a real Bible study. Can't wait to see you then! Looking forward to having more fun!!!


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