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Dunking on the Old You

There's hardly anything more fun than a kid's-sized basketball hoop. I've bought these things for years and found that people of all ages love to play with them. Last night was so much fun watching everyone dunk on each other playing one-on-one and then later trying the "Best out of 10" competition. The hot dogs, french fries, honey crisp apples and cookies were all amazing too!

Later we had a Bible study under the Christmas tree lights on "Re-shaping, Re-tooling, Re-inventing You." If you'd like to become a new you, there's no more effective way to do it than allowing God's Spirit to fill you! Romans 3:11 reminds us that "no one is good." We are all sinful and we don't have to hide or cover-up that fact. Without God we definitely need a makeover! Acts 11:24 tells us that Barnabas was considered good because he was filled with the Holy Spirit. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says with God we become a new creation. Jesus gives us our basis for the new life - loving God with all our heart and loving others. 1 John 3:17 adds to never lose sight of having compassion for others and Philippians 2:4 says to look out for the interest of others.

How do people see you? Are you seen as needy? Someone who always takes from others? Or are you seen as a giver? Someone who always gives? There's a huge difference between the two. It's the greatest one-on-one challenge each of us face. And if you let God in on the challenge, you will absolutely win with a slam dunk.

See you soon just before Christmas and just before New Year's! Check out the "Calendar of Events" menu option for more info!


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