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Comfort Fight

Broccoli & cheese, potato, minestrone, and tomato soups are all good enough, but put any of them in a bread bowl and they're even more comforting and delicious! Thank you for all who came and enjoyed the delicious meal.

Afterwards we ventured downstairs, unlocked a door and found 20 new pillows and pillow cases. Everyone grabbed one, and most everyone received a few or more good-natured whacks from someone else. Funny how something so comforting can turn into something so combative.

But isn't that what this life is like? We want comfort, we want to be content, but it's always a struggle. Our Bible study touched on Philippians 4:6-7 where Paul gives us a formula for being content in the middle of anything with which this world can whack us. He says, " Have no anxiety about anything, but in all things by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, continue to let God know what you want and the peace that passes understanding shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. "

Sometimes we are faced with situations that challenge our ability to stay content. But the Bible says even discipline itself, however, can be to our advantage as we believe that all things are working together for our good with God (Romans 8:28).

Pray, ask, and thank God. Simple formula with profound results. Give it a try this week?

We are meeting at BobbiO pizza this week (Wednesday at 6:30 pm) at the new Medford location! Please help spread the word! If you can bring $5 to help offset the cost, it's always appreciated. Find the address on the "Calendar of Events" page on this website. Click on the event always to find details. Hope to see you then!


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