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Cold Water, Warm Hearts (Catching up on the past 2 weeks)

Thinking about building cardboard boats to float across cold water had me more excited than ever a week ago. It was so much fun to see everyone busy constructing a paper-like boat that could brave the waters. Zander was brave. He hopped right into a boat that did not encourage faith for floating at first sight. And float it did not. And float he did not! He immediately sank and shouted, "It's cold!" And it was cold!! Misael and Isaiah both made it across their first time, but even their more water-sturdy crafts finally succumbed and submerged, leaving them drenched and scrambling.

Our Bible study was on Genesis 6-8 and the story of Noah. The Bible says that the thoughts of those on the earth in that time were only evil continuously, so God decided to send the flood. The cold waters remind me of the coldness of this world. God sent Noah through the waters in an ark and brought him safely out of them. God wants to do the same for each of us through baptism.

I thought it interesting that even though each person was warned how cold the water was, everyone tested it anyway. Isn't it like that for all us in this world too? We've been warned by God that this world is full of problems and heartache, but we all test it out for ourselves anyway. God is calling us to see the brokenness of this world and lose our love and trust for it, so that we can trust Him finally more than anything. Baptism is our willingness to put our faith totally in Him and what He wants to do to safely take us to a new world where nothing will ever hurt us or destroy us again.

That was last week. We had veggie burgers and fries which were really good. Last night we had veggie steak, veggie chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, garlic bread, pasta and more for supper. It was really good too! Thank you to our faithful kitchen workers - Paula, Joyce and Kathy as always! After the supper we had a fun church social in the Fireside Room. Thank you Youth Group for making that event extra special for the church family!

Looking forward to our Pheasant Fields Farm night this weekend - October 19 at 6:30 pm! Let's explore the corn maze in the dark! Bring $5 if possible to help with the cost.


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