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Catching Fire

Maybe it was the delicious Mexican food that helped set the table for the spicy new game and competition afterward. Bible Bingo Basketball. Yeah, I had never heard of it either. It just kind of somehow became invented suddenly from a strange Youth Pastor. None of us were sure if it would be any fun, but it actually was! If you had a number called from the bingo cage each time, you get the chance to shoot a basket for your team. When shooting, you also had to share something Jesus said from the Gospels. At the end, the team that won bingo received five extra shots.

Things were pretty competitive all the way through, but one thing remained consistent - Wesley was on fire! He rained down shot after shot after shot. It was incredible! His team won and it's no wonder. He couldn't miss!

Afterwards we studied Luke 23 and 24 about Jesus and His resurrection. We talked about the fact the angels reminded Jesus followers to remember His words. The takeaway for all of us was simple: If we keep Jesus words in front of us, we can't miss in this life! It's the biggest BINGO ever for each of us personally. The assurance of eternal life He promises isn't a game of chance, it's a definite.


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